Technical Sourcebook for Designers
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Technical Sourcebook for Designers

Technical Sourcebook for Designers

Автор: Jaeil Lee & Camille Steen

Публикует: Fairchild Books & Visuals
Год выпуска: 2014

Описание: Technical Sourcebook for Designers is completely devoted to preparing aspiring and professional apparel designers for the growing demand for technical design skills in the apparel industry. This comprehensive compilation presents technical design processes and industry standards that reflect current apparel production and manufacturing practices. Lee and Steen provide a holistic perspective of the role of technical design in apparel production, including such considerations as selection of fabrics, finding seasonal fashion trends, garment construction, and fit evaluation, all in the context of meeting the needs of the target consumer with cost-effective decisions. This edition includes a new section on real-life fit problems and solutions, more information on essential math for designers (such as grading and costing) plus coverage of product lifecycle management (PLM) and sustainability. An all new Chapter 8 on Sweater Product Design explores sweater design and manufacturing....

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